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Добавлено: 17 ноя 2013, 20:54
Зайцева Н.В.
Таврійський державний агротехнологічний університет


Modern engineering education demands from a graduate not only substantial knowledge in technical and natural sciences, but also proficient command of IT and communicative multitasking. Today an engineer is at the same time a developer and a designer, a distributor and a negotiator, and quite often a translator, too. European employers expect from likely candidate а high standard of act competence, that includes professional competence, methodological competence, personal competence and social competence. The last one embraces communicative skills in the whole and foreign language communicative competence as a mean parameter. Significant advantages of foreign languages command are undoubted: learning authentic professional data, participation in international scientific arrangements and events, direct negotiations with partners and clients. The students should be informed of these benefits due to statistic related items, authentic reading matter from foreign sources and opinion of competent authorities in engineering professions. All foregoing information can be productively used by teachers in professional foreign language classes with engineers-to-be. Such awareness would become a strong additional motivation for diligent mastering not only English as first foreign language, but also learning another one.
Commonly known stereotypical set of intellectual faculties (though based on scientific studies) depicts students of engineering and humanists as direct opposites. Engineers usually have weak facility in languages – it causes difficulties in picking unknown words and composing a vocabulary, learning phrases, mastering grammar and syntax and especially in speaking. Professional foreign language course adds obstacles like reading texts about well-known subjects and processes from engineering but with a great amount of terms, describing charts and diagrams, making presentations of what one knows but cannot speak about in foreign language. If foreign language wasn’t a favorite school subject it’s hard to make oneself spend long hours to get ‘A’ marks. But a foreign language trainer can use information technologies attraction for youth as an efficient lure in presenting all the command of foreign language benefits. Analysing authentic twenty-first century requirements for employees in the world-wide labour-market using the twenty-first century information technologies students will face the significant foreign language communicative competence advantages for their career perspectives.
One of numerous effective ways to bring the importance of ability to communicate in foreign language on professional subjects in classes is a business game based on using Internet capabilities and resources. The game could involve its participants in pretending job seekers looking for a job in some foreign enterprise. At the stage of job hunting potential employees should consider job announcements in engineering, learn requirements to candidates’ hard and soft skills, study on-line applications and different types of demanded papers. The next phase should present a job interview – the students play the parties presenting own professional competence by the foreign language means. Then the chosen appointees would meet their immediate supervisor and colleges, showing the new one round his or her workplace and enterprise, get to know policy and trends or firm habits by watching video presentation of the firm (or for example, some trainee’s interview). The most important business game advantage is combination of students’ interest and skills in Internet surfing, demonstration of professional competence and developing foreign language communicative competence.
Another useful Internet resource set includes hot-list, multimedia scrapbook, treasure hunt, subject sampler and web-quest. The gradual complexification in work with Internet links and online tests pointed at presenting own ideas and attitude gives the students both language means and facts for communicating on their profession subjects.
For dynamic foreign language communicative competence developing the engineering students should be provided by information fund, attractive processing form and possibility to choose the most important personal reasons for bettering own level of foreign language command.